The Principles of 'BIG BRAND THEORY'

In a fascinating exploration of brand logo strength, Kuala Lumpur-based designer Ewan Yap presents the “BIG BRAND THEORY.” How big is your brand? The recognizability of a brand’s logo may well be a pertinent measure of its strength. Using some major iconic brand images, Yap has created a series of experimental packaging designs by artfully cropping out as much of the original as possible while maintaining brand integrity and cognition. The work is an experiment in brand aesthetics, and also informs us of the cropability of the logos–rating Coke extremely high and 7UP extremely low in terms of image cropability.

I found this to be a unique and fun idea. How many can you name? (without looking further down the page for the answers below). I find it incredible how strong the Coca Cola branding is, the red pantone alone is for me enough to trigger the brands identity. I've removed the few typically American brands from the list, I don't think they really exist to us Brits.

Source: The Dieline